Kirtipur is one of the oldest settlements in the Kathmandu Valley. This small town is recorded as an ancient capital of Nepal. Kirtipur means “a famed town” in Nepali language is also known as “kipu” and “kyapu”. The location of this small town is different from the other main towns of the valley in the same that occupies the top of a steep rocky hill. This city of glory is inhabited by Newars, which are the earliest settlers in the Valley with their own language and culture. It is a great escape from the heavy pollution and noise of central Kathmandu, with cooling winds and good views of the mountains. There are several temples to see and small car-free streets climbing up and down the hill where inhabitants perform their daily rituals, and very few tourists.Kirtipur Municipality is part of the Kathmandu District and lies in the hilly region in province no. 3.Geographically, Kirtipur lies in between longitude 27˚ 38’ 30” and 27˚ 41’ 30” E and latitude 85˚ 13’ and 85˚ 19’ N, at altitudes ranging from 1284m to 1524m above mean sea level. The general decline of elevation is from south-west to north-east. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City lies in the northern side, while the Bagmati River separates the Lalitpur District with the Lalitpur Sub- Metropolitan City on the eastern side. Chalnakhel VDC borders Kirtipur Municipality in the south and Macchegaun VDC in the west. The study was concentrate in Community-Based Entrepreneurship (NEWA LAHAN means Newari civilization) which is cooperated by Newari community at Thambahal.  



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